Dancing With the StarsPro Gleb Savchenko‘s ex-wife Elena Samodanova wants primary custody of their two daughters, citing his busy work and travel schedule.

Gleb is on the currently Dancing With the Stars: LiveCelebHomes News reached out to him regarding his tour, which will conclude in March.

In a Feb. 27 filing, Elena claims that the Dancing With the Stars pro is unable to implement their parenting plan for their daughters, and seeks primary custody of their daughters, Olivia11. Zlata4 year old, and that he had “refused” to modify the schedule. This marks the second time Elena has sought primary custody since the former couple’s divorce, which granted her and Gleb joint and legal custody of the girls, was finalized last October.

In the new documents, obtained by CelebHomes News, Elena claims that when she and Gleb signed their divorce judgement, she “agreed to alternate parenting time every five days,” but that later, his “schedule changed, and he was not available to take care of our daughters.”