Kelly KayShe shared some very touching news following her death.

Kelly is the girlfriend late Oregon Ducks football star Spencer Webb, announced that she is expecting his child after the 22-year-old passed away from an accidental fall in July. In honour of the announcement, she wrote a touching message for her deceased partner via Instagram.

On Aug. 22, she wrote, “We created an Angel before Heaven gained One.” “All you ever wanted was to be a father…I know you’ll be the best one from up above.”

Kelly continued to reflect on the future of her role as mother. Kelly posted, “I can’t believe that I have to do this without your help but knowing that I’ll always have a bit of you keeps my going,” Kelly wrote, “I cannot wait to meet the half-you and half-me person.”

She said, “I will always love you both.”

Kelly uploaded photos of herself, along with a sonogram. Kelly also shared a message saying “I’ll Be Your Legacy.” You can count on me to be your voice. I live for you. Therefore, I have made the decision. To honour your life. To live again. Your love is my greatest treasure. I miss you. “I’ll be seeing you again.”