These glowing reviews are from QVC customers who have been shopping for years.

One user shared that “This is my only choice for liquid eyeliner.” The application is smooth, and it lasts for a long time! You can wash it off easily at the end. Some brands can cause irritation to my sensitive skin. It doesn’t bother me.

Someone else said that she had used Lancome, bobbi Brown, but this one beat them all. I love that it stays on and doesn’t cause my eyes to itch. It gives you a beautiful, natural look. This is my favorite.

One shopper said, “This eyeliner is my only choice.” The product doesn’t smudge and bleed unlike other brands that I tried. Excellent purchase.

This product is great. The product is easy to apply, doesn’t require much to see, and you can easily fix any mistakes. Customer reviewed it.

One other person said, “I stopped using eyeliner entirely because it’s so hard for me to make a straight line that looks natural. It’s amazing! This eyeliner is so easy to use. Overall I’m happy with the eyeliner.

The product is loved by many, including a long-standing fan. “I’ve used this eyeliner since 2003. It is so easy to use, and doesn’t require me to hold or stretch my eyes. The application is quick and easy. You can also remove it with any type of eye makeup remover. As I am over 40 and trying to not stress my skin, this eyeliner doesn’t require me to apply any makeup to my sensitive eyelid skin.

QVC customer shared that this was her favorite eyeliner. This eyeliner is very easy to use. I have contacts so I don’t need to press down on my lids while applying it. The line is very thin, however, you have the option to make it more thick if needed. It lasts all day. It is easy to wash off and doesn’t require me to use much makeup remover.