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One person raved that they have been using this foundation for many years. It was the first time I had tried it. Shame on you! This foundation is even better. This foundation is my favorite! Don’t stop building it!

One person said, “I was looking for Bare Minerals for some time.” I was searching for another item on QVC when I stumbled upon it. It turned out to be a great find! It was finally mine! I found the best makeup. It looks real and is not too heavy.

I was told by someone that I used bare minerals for many, many years. IT CC (Clinique), Smashbox and other cosmetics lured me away. I was disappointed in the results, especially IT. My dermatologist recommended bare minerals to me when I visited her recently. The answer was clear: bare mineral. She was right, so I tried it. It has restored my skin’s flawless condition. I won’t switch again.

One fan raved, “I’ve used liquid foundation for years. Today I tried it for the first-time. It is amazing!” The makeup is light and flawless. It’s like having nothing at all. I regret not buying it years ago …”.

I am 56 years old and an African American woman. This makeup has been my favorite for more than 10 years. The Bronze Dark color is my favourite. QVC customers stated that they love the fact that it is easy to fall asleep and doesn’t worry about any blemishes.

A customer declared, “I LOVE BARE MINERALS! It makes my complexion look soft & flawless! Bare Minerals makes my skin glow! Friends comment about how beautiful I am. “I’M NOT CHANGING BRANDS.

BareMinerals was described as the “perfect balance” between liquid makeup and no make-up. BareMinerals offers just enough coverage, and great colors.

One loyal customer shared that she only uses Bare Minerals. I have been wearing it for many years. It’s the third time that I have had to buy this foundation.”