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Ever wonder how celebrities get their hair done in the day? No, not the sessions with the professional hairstylists and makeup artists, but the times when they are glamming themselves up at home. Love IslandHosting Arielle VandenbergShe shared her preparation process with us, her top beauty products, her staples from junior high and even her playlist.

Arielle posted a recently on Instagram that she said “Confidence’s cute. The key to confidence is smiling.” Arielle belongs to the SmileDirectClub Confidence Council. She recognizes the importance of confidence and relies on them for their products. You can’t have confidence in one area of your life. You might be more comfortable smiling if you are happy with the way your smile looks. If whitening your teeth makes you feel your best, then channel your inner Arielle and go for it.

Arielle has shared some of her favourite products that can take care your smile and other beauty secrets. You’ll feel ready to go with Arielle.