Amber Ruffin said it best—she’s making her self-titled Peacock series “bigger and better by being badder.” 

The comedian dropped the tongue-twisting teaser during CelebHomes News’ Daily Pop on March 17 while dishing on the upcoming third season of Amber Ruffin Show. Amber stated that there were fewer rules and more margaritas in the new episodes. “Oh! It should have been called “Oh! The Amber Ruffin Show: Fewer Rules and More Margaritas.”

Season three of the late-night talk show, which initially launched in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, will be just as, if not more, exciting than the last, as there’s finally a live studio audience. Amber stated that she believes they had much more fun in season 1 than we did with an audience.[but]Now that the audience is back, I believe we perform at a higher level than we did for a small TV screen.

The host added, “We’re doing it.” BigFor the audience.”