These customer reviews will help you learn more about the Ninja frying pans. 

Ninja Foodi NeverStick Premium Fry Pan Reviews

Ninja shoppers raved that the nonstick pan was perfect for all kinds of recipes. The nonstick coating doesn’t cause any sticking. It’s easy to cook evenly. It is the ideal size. It has a strong, long handle. You can clean it after every meal. Even better, you can take it off the stove top to use in the oven. It’s also possible to use it with metal tools. You won’t even notice it scratching!

One other explained that the Ninja Neverstick Pan was a new experience for me. It’s so versatile and amazing! The pan looks almost like cast iron and is oven-safe. It also works well on the stovetop. This pan is nonstick! This is the best pan for …. cooking! You can even put it in your dishwasher. 

An additional reviewer stated that the Ninja Foodi NeverStick Premium Anodized Pan is true to its name, NeverStick. It’s fun to cook and experiment, but cleaning up afterwards is difficult. Brunch is Sunday mornings, and this means making omelets for my family. The Foodi NeverStick makes it easy to make multiple omelets with just one quick wipe of a paper towel. Extra cheese is always added to my omelets. They also slip easily out, allowing me fold them perfectly every time. It’s well-balanced and sturdy. Handwashing is easy so that it is ready for the next task, whether it is afternoon salmon or late night grilled cheese. Five stars.

“The Ninjapan has many nice features that I love. The one you can see is used to fry vegetables, and then put in more ingredients. Nonstick, the pan can withstand high temperatures for baking/frying. This pan is not typical of non-stick coated ones. Although it looks thinner than most pans, the interior coating has more of an iron feel and is lighter than traditional cast iron. A customer said that it is able to withstand high temperatures and won’t crack or flake as coatings after use. 

“This isn’t your ordinary flimsy saucepan that promises to last. The Ninja pan is a beautiful piece of equipment that you will notice the moment you take it home. The Ninja pan is thick and very heavy. This pan is easy to use, and it has a nonstick surface that makes it very easy to clean. It’s a wonderful pan that I love and use almost daily.

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