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MAC Cosmetics 5-Pc Collection of Everyday Favorites Reviews 

According to a shopper, lipstick can be worn with any color, and your lips are even better. The shadows are endless, from subtle elegance to fine nudes. And don’t forget the amazing liners! I love this kit!

Another user raved about the color, saying, “The colors are beautiful. Great pigmentation and they last for a very long time.” The mascara and lipstick are great. It was all great.
This set is amazing! MAC makes high-quality products. I was shocked at how affordable this set for the amount of products it contains.

I’m a long-time MAC fan and wanted to test new products for a good price. All the QVC products are excellent. The QVC Kit contains regular-sized products. You’ll see this if you go to the MAC site. You will not receive a sample. It doesn’t run, shed or clump and is quick to take off. Because I am able to get in a color rut, the cream lipstick allowed me to try a new color. You can also use the eyeshadow palette to create a variety of looks that are different from my regular products. They also have a nice selection of liner pencils. “All colors of the product are exactly as they appear on TV and at MAC. There’s no surprise here,” a MAC shopper said.

QVC’s shopper reviews, “All you need to have a beautiful smile.” All colors are lovely neutrals. Two sets were ordered by me. Great deal MAC!”

Another person wrote: “Love the mascara and the brush. It’s easy to apply the eyeshadow colors. I love that they are matte with just a little shine. I like the colour and it is creamy. It is a great value for money.

A MAC fan commented, “I really like this kit.” All you require is included. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of the items that you receive. These items can be gifted as gifts. Who doesn’t like MAC?”

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