Justin had a similar idea. Daily PopAsk the actor If How he’s ever going to show the series to his nine-month-old son when he’s older. 

According to Harington, he’ll tell him something along the lines of, “Look, I mean, you can just be thankful that it happened because otherwise you wouldn’t be here.”

He smiled and said, “So that will it be?” “I’ll be like, ‘You don’t enjoy watching it? It’s a tough job.

The actor still has a lot of work to do before they can have that conversation. For now, he is enjoying bonding with Leslie’s baby girl. 

“I’m going through something at the moment which is that I spend weeks prior to coming out here sort of, you know, feeding him, pampering him, looking after him,” Harington explained. “And then, I get on a plane, come here, and I’m taken care of and pampered. So, I’m living the life of my dreams right now!