The entire clip makes us say, “Grandpa?” Sorry. Grandpa? Sorry.”

Now is the time to go home and have some fun! Clayton EchardThis is the season ofThe Bachelor, Some family members seem more impressed by the ex-pro-football player than others. Here’s a look at Monday’s episode. Gabby—the 30-year-old ICU nurse—and Clayton travel to her home in Denver, Colo., so that he can meet her family, but her grandfather isn’t too pleased with what he sees.

He argues that Clayton isn’t good enough for Gabriela. I don’t care about any other thing.” Gramps, tell them!

Gabby questions him about his feelings on Gabby’s boyfriend. He doesn’t hesitate to say, “I think that he’s full o–t.”

Gabby was later seen leaving her home crying. Gabby is seen running out of the house crying. Is it because her grandfather or someone in the home shared their thoughts on the matter? We’ll just have to wait to see Monday.