Gabby PetitoMom isn’t going to buy it Brian Laundrie‘s notebook confession about why he “ended her life.”

In June, an attorney for his parents, who are being sued by Petito’s parents, released excerpts from a letter Laundrie had written in a notebook before he died of suicide. In it, Laundrie claimed that during the couple’s van road trip, Petito was injured while the two tried to cross a stream and was “begging for an end to her pain.” He wrote, “I ended her life. “I thought that was kind of merciful. It is what she wants.” 

Petito, Petito’s mother was asked by Petito if Laundrie’s statements were “blatantly false”. Nichole SchmidtNBC News’s Today show, “100 percent.”

On June 27, two days after the notebook’s contents were made public, Schmidt had tweeted, “Fed up” and shared a viral quote that read, “Narcissists rewrite history to escape accountability. “You aren’t crazy.”