It doesn’t have to rain Beanie FeldsteinThe last curtain call.

The 13th of July will be Funny GirlThe Broadway revival’s producers and actress have clarified her departure from the lead role. Amid speculation of behind-the-scenes drama, with one outlet reporting that staffers were “shocked” by the 29-year-old’s recent Instagram post announcing her departure, the two parties spoke out to clarify the situation.

“The producers Funny Girl were not blindsided by Beanie’s social post,” a rep for Beanie and Funny GirlProducers told Peoplejointly. “The producers decided to take the show in a different direction and end Beanie’s contract on September 25th, 6 months earlier than anticipated.” 

According to the statement, Beanie later “decided it was best for her to leave on July 31st” and “producers were aware of and in support of her decision.”

They said, “The producers worked with Beanie professionally, respectfully, graciously.”