The living room. It’s arguably considered one of the most lived in spaces of your home and the most loved. But through the years of love, there are times when a living room space becomes outdated or neglected.

We’re going to show you some great home solutions — big and small — you can do to add value back into your living room, giving it the life it truly deserves to have.

Starting Small with the Details

Before you rush into doing a major renovation to your space, you have to know that there are some pretty simple things you can do within a couple of hours that will liven your living room space. Consider some of these budget-friendly solutions:

  • Go Green — Add elements of nature to your home, whether it’s live flowers on the coffee table or faux succulents that look like the real thing, you’ll leave your living room looking fresh.
  • Tidy Up — A clean, organized area says a lot in the realm of home value. Consider using woven baskets or printed boxes to provide unique storage solutions.
  • Add Throw Pillows — A throw pillow on the couch is an inexpensive way to bring essential color, texture, and life to your living room space. As seasons change and holidays come around, consider swapping out throw pillows to match!
  • Change Hardware — If your door handles, cabinet knobs or cabinet handles are looking a little run down, consider upgrading the hardware to create a seamless look.

Go Big with a Mirrored Barn Door, Paint, and Carpet

If you’re looking to make some impactful changes in your living room space, many renovations can do just that. Adding a mirrored barn door can be a great way to not only make a statement, but mirrors can leave a space looking more significant than it is.

New carpet is a great way to add value to a space that hasn’t seen new flooring in the last ten years. Not looking to replace the carpet? Consider a rug, which adds another textural element to your living space.

If the floor isn’t an option, Consider a bold paint color that will make a statement. A few other significant changes that can liven up a living room are built-in bookcases, a fireplace, and ceiling beams. No matter what changes you make in your living room, big or small, they’re sure to leave an impact.

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