Fred Savage due to allegations of misconduct in the setting of the Wonder Years revival.

This is a brand new statement The Hollywood Reporter, Savage denied renewed allegations of sexual harassment and vowed to make improvements. He stated that he has worked with hundreds of set workers since he was six years old and had always tried to create a safe, supportive and inclusive work environment. THR Aug. 9. Aug. 9. There are many incidents that were not reported, but any person who is hurt or offended because of my actions can be one too many.

He added, “I’ll work to correct any bad behavior, because nothing in the world is more important for me than being a support co-worker or friend, father, husband, father, and man.”

His statement comes in response to a report from the outlet, in which six unnamed women—they requested anonymity in fear of retaliation—who worked on the Wonder Years revival said they reported Savage to HR in February. ABC announced that he had been fired from his position as executive producer and director of the series on May 6.