Ms. Drescher will soon be making her famous Mr. Mayor debut.

Fran Drescher Comedy Central’s hilarious comedy special, March 29, features a funny guest appearance by comedian and actor. Mr. MayorBoth the former NannyStar shares behind-the scenes details about working with fellow legends of sitcoms Ted Danson.

I had an amazing experience. The whole episode is truly a triple A-level program, which I find refreshing,” Drescher said to CelebHomes News ahead of tonight’s episode. Drescher: “I have always wanted to collaborate with you.” [creator] Tina FeyHers is a great friend of mine. Ted is a friend and colleague of mine, although we have never worked together.

Drescher plays Angelica, a famed TV commercial actress, who has a fling with Danson’s character.

Drescher stated, “I loved that their character wrote for me was kinda out there. It was sexy. Free. Living her life the way she wanted.” It’s not common for them to write 60-year-old women in this way. This was something that I responded to very positively.”