This is an incredible race for one million dollars. 

After four years, a pandemic and many more, The Amazing Race finally returned for season 33. We are now preparing to find out which four teams take home the biggest bucks in the season finale, March 2.While we wait, let us take a look at the final, featuring the rest of the competitors racing through Portugal or Los Angeles.

Final teams will include a father-daughter team ArunAnd NataliaOnline personalities KimAnd Penn, flight attendants RaquelAnd CaylaBest friend, and you. RyanAnd Dusty

Dusty and Ryan, the lions went hunting, and they made a kill,” Dusty said to the camera. We’re now hunting for Cayla, and Cayla is behind us. The cape Buffalo. Kim and Penn: We’re coming to get blood first.” 

The Youtubers won’t give up without fighting. Penn said, as Kim and he looked for the flag.

Both teams appear confident but the video clearly shows Raquel, Cayla and the other finishers.