Formula 1 champion seven-times Lewis Hamilton called for change after Nelson PiquetIn an interview, he used a racial slur to describe him

Piquet is a three time world champion and used derogatory terms to describe a collision that took place between Hamilton, Belgian-Dutch racing driver, and Piquet. Max VerstappenPer ESPN, during the first lap of the 2021 British Grand Prix. Piquet used a racial slur during his podcast interview in Portuguese. He blamed Hamilton for mishandling the car and placed it on Hamilton. Piquet, Verstappen’s father is also the man who recorded Piquet’s podcast interview in Portuguese. Kelly Piquet, per ESPN.

According to The GuardianThe podcast, which was originally recorded in 2013 and released on June 27, 2013, was available for download.

Hamilton is now speaking out on Twitter.

He wrote, “It’s much more than language,” in an a June 28 tweet. These outdated mindsets must change. They have no place in the sport.

Hamilton shared his thoughts about these experiences and said that they have “been around these attitudes all my life.”

He said, “There was plenty of time for learning.” He said, “It is time for me to take action.”

another tweetHamilton said, “Let’s concentrate on changing our mindset.”