Former University of Kansas Soccer Star Regan Gibbs Dead at 25

Kansas soccer grieves for the death of an ex-student athlete Regan Gibbs

The University of Kansas has confirmed the on-going collaboration with Kansas University. social mediaThis week, the aspirant physician’s assistant was killed in an accident. She was 25.

Regan was the head coach of our soccer program. Mark FrancisShe released a statement. She said, “She was an incredible teammate and young lady. Her impact on so many people during her time at Kansas. Regan’s impact on the field and off it will be forever remembered. “We offer our sympathy to Regan’s family, friends, and fellow teammates at this time of sorrow.”

Director of Athletes Travis GoffRegan Gibbs was a former student-athlete from KU. Regan’s friends, family, and ex-colleagues are all in our hearts. We send love, support, and prayers as we mourn her death.

Gibbs, who was goalkeeper for University of Kansas in 2015-2018, had one of the best goals-against records by a Jayhawks first-year goalkeepers. A native Washingtonian, Gibbs was also part two NCAA tournament teams.