Users of social media are calling foul Andrew BogutRecent tweet by about Kendall Jenner.

THe retired basketball player appeared to take a dig at the supermodel following her split from Devin Booker.

“With the 2022 @NBA draft completion yesterday, one big name has yet to find a home. Which team will snap up @KendallJenner??” he tweeted on June 24. “Solid talent, versatile. ?? Notes on team culture, self-promotion and team spirit. As the body is ill, doctors will be required to perform medical procedures. 

Andrew’s comment was criticised by many social media users. One Twitter user said, “This is an awful manner to talk about a female.” wrote. Added another“Such an outrageous remark,” Tweeted a third“This is gross, come on!”

Andrew did not apologize at first, and he took another photo.

He stated, “I would love to publicly apologize for the tweet.” wroteon June 28, whilst resharing an old post. “My scout forgot to include elite rebounding. “I will be better in the future.”