Don’t be bothered by all of the faces. 

A lifetime spent being admired everywhere she went, her new patient. EdnaMeets Drs. Paul Nassif Terry DubrowWatch tonight’s episode of Tonight’s New Episode Botched.

We mean “a lifetime” when we refer to it.

Edna shows us in the sneak peak clip how her medical issues began at just one-year old.

According to her, “When I was little I got sick.” Botched cameras. “My father told me to keep my life.”

Edna was suffering from “flesh eating bacteria” which had “destroyed” her nose. Although she has had to undergo four additional surgeries since then in order to repair the damage, none of them have been successful. 

Edna states, “I had no choice but to spend my entire life looking at other people.” And it breaks me apart.

Even worse, she feels as though her medical problems have negatively impacted her daughter’s life.