It’s impossible to have enough episodes Blind Love to fulfill our desire for drama and romance. 

Friday, February 4. 4, Netflix reunited ShakeDeeptiKyle and more season two stars in a truly jaw-dropping reunion episode, officially bringing this whirlwind journey to an end. While Netflix fulfilled all the expectations of its viewers, they can’t help asking for more.

There are many reality TV programs out there. There’s Love Island U.K., The Bachelor Temptation Island—the list can go on.

Don’t get me started about all the spinoffs TLC premiered after their success. 90 Day Fiancé. We found that just 20 of the shows fall within this range. 90 DaysThere are many options for umbrellas.

For those who’ve already seen The BachelorOder 90 DaysDo not be afraid. With more series in the works, there will be plenty to choose from.