Charli XCX Letting is acceptable Cardi B She will be known as “Break The Rules”, when she is called upon.  

While you are chatting with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Friday, March 4, the “Boom Clap” singer, 29, revealed that the Hustlers star, 29, “doesn’t” know who she is andce invented a hilarious, yet extremely awkward new stage name for her instead: Charli STD.  

Charli says that the problem began with Cardi. Bebe RexhaAll were featured Rita OraI wrote the 2018 song “Girls” and said, “It wasn’t one of those situations when we actually met when it came to making the song. We did the music video in separate locations and were sending each other verses. 

Cardi accidentally tagged the wrong Twitter account when she tweeted about it. NotCharli.

“She tweets this song to me and I’m like, “Oh my God!” Cardi B tweeted my name! It’s huge!” She said. The singer said, “Then I liked, I checked the tag and it was ‘Charli XCX.’