Slytherins are the best to help you get around those DMs.

CelebHomes is on Down in the DMs December 23, 2009 Dancing With the Stars alum Olivia Jade Exclusively shared an Instagram message direct Only the best Harry Potter Actor Tom Felton, a.k.a. Draco Malfoy.

She explained, “I really regret that I have to expose you. But I believe you are probably a very nice person.” 

Tom wrote, “Hello mate. “Dig your work,” was followed by an emoji of a snake. 

But Olivia, who has 1.3 million Instagram followers, didn’t get the reference: “I haven’t seen the Harry Potter“I didn’t understand the joke in movies,” she stated. She said, “I didn’t reply and now I have to admit that I’ve seen the joke and that it was rude of me. It would be easy for most people to understand it and find joy in it. Just need to see more movies. 

Olivia has been a frequent sender of DMs and DMs to many A-listers. Some have gone unanswered including to Dancing With the Stars Pro Derek Hough after she left the season 30 competition.