CelebHomes has begun production on their first movie.

Starring Chloe Bennet, Blair PennerAnd Anthony KonechnyThe romance comedy It was a mistake to get marriedThe premiere of (working title), is scheduled for early next year.

Bennet will portray Riley, an MBA graduate who is disappointed to lose her dream job. She then goes on a wild night with Nate (Penner), her best friend and fellow classmate. Waking up the next morning in Las Vegas, the two discover they accidentally tied the knot during their drunken escapades.

Riley is unemployed and has no prospects for the future, so she decides that Riley will move back with Riley to Tennessee in order to help his family save their business. But just as she begins making a name for herself in the company, Nate’s ex-girlfriend and handsome older brother Rhys (Konechny)—who takes a liking to Riley—arrive to shake things up.

Are the best friends able to continue their lies? Or will new and old romances ruin everything? It’s up to you to find out.