There are properties that are rich with history and emulate great interest. These are the kind that attract tourists and locals annually. Some stand out the most, while others are less known. If you’ve seen the memorable baseball film, “Field of Dreams,” then you may know what’s about to be discussed. The baseball field that served as the set for the film was, and still is, residential property……..for now. There are plans for the 193 acres of dreamy property to go full-fledge and strictly cater to baseball-ers. It’s said that thousands of people visit the property every year, and there’s no admission fee enforced.

The Field of Dreams home, farm, and movie site are hidden by a long and narrow pathway and enclosed by vast land and trees. So don’t take anyone’s word for it when they say that it’s just off of Lansing Rd! The perimeter of the three-story while stallion house is fenced and is right next to the baseball field.

Address: 28995 Lansing Rd, Dyersville IA 52040