Los Angeles caters to celebrities of all origins and names, especially if your name happens to be Reggie Bush. Born with the stuff of legend, the Detroit Lions running back has placed many accolades under his belt within the 8 years he’s been playing pro ball. It’s reported that he’s very content with being a part of the Detroit Lions team. What would make Reggie even more happy is if someone purchases his 3 bed and 6 bath floor plan. He’s currently asking for $6 million for it, which is about 1.5x the Zestimate. Bush’s estate is generous. Perhaps Bush himself will be generous and lower the price some.

But, if that’s only pinching your bank roll or you can afford to live in a three-story home that’s full of lavishing goods, then you may want to just go for it. The 4,831 sq ft home comes with a master kitchen with high-end appliances, theater room, varous living spaces that accommodate entertainment, pool, large ground patio, BBQ area, rooftop lounge, and full views of what’s near and beyond the perimeter of luxury living.

Address: 1501 Viewsite Ter, Los Angeles CA 90069