Be quiet.

On April 14, a tweet that accused A$AP Rocky of cheating on his pregnant girlfriend Rihanna with Fenty shoe designer,Amina MuaddiThe video went viral. Amina put to rest the “malicious rumor” in less than four minutes, and called it an “unfounded lie”.
She posted a statement to Instagram on April 15, saying that she believes that any unfounded lying spread via social media does not deserve clarification or response. “I initially assumed that this fake gossip—fabricated with such malicious intent—would not be taken seriously. In the 24th, however, I have learned that this fake gossip was not to be taken seriously. [hours]”I was reminded by this that the society we live in is so fast to discuss topics without regard for factual bases and that no topic is off-limits.” This is not the time to be celebrated and honored, even though it should be.

Amina, who has worked on the Fenty brand alongside Rihanna for the last few years, explained why she decided to break her silence.