Fans did a double take when Felicia Dayon the final episodes. Supernatural. Charlie, Charlie’s fan favorite, was missing and it is unclear why.

​But Day explains in an upcoming episode of the SDRPodcast that while she was able shoot episode 18, it took a dramatic twist when the pandemic started. She stated that “I had already read the other scripts. They were all so good.” The last script was written before COVID changed. [included] a big ass party where everybody was in heaven and they were meeting Dean, including old school Charlie.​”

She then revealed that she flew home on the same day as they had closed the border for 6 months. The reason they could not fly everyone up was because they wanted to film the scene at the bar where Dean sees all of his friends in heaven. After this they have the most amazing wrap party. The border was closed so no one could get over there to film it. They had to remake the whole scene with only the original actors. It wasn’t fun for me, I really wanted to go to the party and I also wanted to be at the ending.

Co-showrunner Andrew Dabb previously teased before that Day would reprise her role as Charlie, including the OG Charlie and Apocalypse World Charlie, but only got one.