After spending 27 years in prison for the murder of her lover’s wife, Carolyn WarmusFinally, she is sharing her perspective.

CelebHomes News is able to exclusively confirm that the ex-schoolteacher will speak out about this case during an interview for Oxygen’s two-part special. Fatal Attraction Murder, named for the moniker the press gave Warmus due to the stunning similarities between the popular film and the alleged murder of 40-year-old Betty Jeanne Solomon.

The story of an affair that seemingly led to the 1989 homicide was a sensation, quickly garnering front-page-news status and relentless TV coverage. World-renowned reporters descended upon Westchester County, New York in order to examine every word of testimony and each nuance of Warmus’ body language.

More than thirty years after the original, we are here. Fatal Attraction Murder is re-examining the case. Throughout the in-depth special, Warmus—who never testified in her own defense on the advice of counsel—will recount her experience after being released from prison in June 2019.