A visually uninteresting backyard doesn’t encourage you to spend much time outdoors. If it’s an eye-sore since you purchased the home, but you haven’t had time to get to it, you’ll be looking for ways to improve it that won’t cost the earth or require a huge amount of time to complete. These are five ways that an expert recommends to make it more appealing. Allentown, PA nursing home abuse lawyer

Use Native Plant Landscaping

Landscaping takes a backyard area that isn’t doing it for you and adds distinctive features that catch the eye.

It’s a unique way to put a spin on things. It isn’t new but not everyone is familiar with it yet.

What’s also become known as naturescaping aims to use plants that are indigenous to the area.  This allows native plant species to flourish in a changing climate. 

Landscape design can transform your yard. You can also read more benefits of landscaping with native plants in this article.

You can also add an outdoor firepit

A firepit outside adds an additional functional element to your backyard. You can either purchase them as a complete kit or hire a contractor to install them.

Fire pits are sought afterThis feature also increases home value. They not only add al fresco dining opportunities under the stars but can also be resold to make the most of your investment.

For your lawn, create different shapes

While landscaping can include rocky outcrops and water features, don’t ignore the potential of the lawn.

There is no need for lawns to look like one big, sprawling grassy field. They can instead be divided into multiple shapes and added to a garden.

You can add a bird box

Bird feeders encourage birds to visit the boxes and fly over for a look.

You can enjoy birdsong early in the morning if you prefer it to come from nature and not an audio recording. It’s even been confirmed that bird song can relieve stress and has other health benefits too.

If you’re good at woodworking, then it’s possible to build a hanging bird box from scratch. This can be done with repurposed wood and string as well as roofing tile leftovers. A bird box can be purchased and placed in the yard. Be sure to situate it a distance from you, so the birds won’t be too shy to use it.

Utilize Hanging Baskets

You can add colorful accents to your patio by hanging baskets.

You can grow different plants in these areas, such as petunias or other small-sized plants. Or go in another direction and grow vegetables to pick when they’re ripe?

Do consider the amount of natural light that’ll be needed for the plants too. It is best to avoid placing the plants in shaded areas, such as underhanging trees.

Think outside the box when designing your yard. There are many ways to add color and variety to your backyard.