Sydney, Australia…home of the famous Sydney Opera House and the landmark Sydney Harbour Bridge. In addition to the beautiful architecture, Sydney’s weather attracts many newcomers. 

The summers are warm and the winters are tolerable. The temps rarely go below freezing and snow is even less likely. 

So which famous Australians hang their hat in Sydney? Here’s a list of 6 famous celebrities living down under. 

Which Famous Australians Call Sydney, Australia Home? 

Many Australian celebrities have made their homes in LA or NY, but some prefer to stick close to their Australian roots and have chosen Sydney as their home base. Let’s take a look. 

Rose Byrne 

This Australian actress was raised in Sydney and began acting in Australian films at age 13. She attended the University of Sydney where she received an arts degree. 

She and her actor husband Bobby Cannavale made their debut on the Australian stage last year in A View From The Bridge in the Sydney Theater Company’s adaptation of the play. 

Chris Hemsworth

One of the most famous and hottest Australian actors, Chris Hemsworth and his wife have a mega-mansion in Byron Bay. With all of the over-the-top upgrades you can imagine, the home is worth a whopping $20 million. 

There’s a rooftop infinity pool, a cinema, a massage room, a game room equipped with a bar, a sauna and steam room! There’s no reason to ever leave. 

Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine and his real-life wife have an ocean-front apartment in Bondi Beach that they purchased for $5.9 million. Though they own multiple homes, Jackman was born in Sydney and considers it home. 

The amazing views from the balcony call them to spend several months a year in this luxury home. 

Mel Gibson 

One of the most well-known celebrities from Australia, though he was born in New York, Gibson was seen having lunch recently in his hometown of Sydney. 

The Braveheart actor’s home is located in Macintyre’s Place, Sydney, NSW.

Russell Crowe 

Though he reportedly had trouble obtaining his Australian citizenship, the New Zealand-born actor loves everything about Australia. 

He has a 10 million AUD home in Rose Bay and enjoys connecting with the local community. 

Nicole Kidman 

One of the world’s most famous female actors, Nicole Kidman, and her husband Keith Urban, have a home in Sydney. They have the best views in the city from their multi-million dollar north shore penthouse. 

The Academy Award winner who also has five Golden Globes, two Emmys and even a Silver Bear has lived in New York, Tennesse and LA, but Sydney is home for her. 


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Australia’s Famous People

Now you know the famous Australians who reside in Sydney. It’s a place that many famous celebrities often name as a place they dream about living. 

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