Season seven saw Ashley and J.P. fall for each other. BacheloretteIn 2011, they tied the knot on a live televised marriage. Although their marriage didn’t work out, Ashley revealed in the Instagram Q&A that she “wouldn’t change anything” about her BacheloretteExperience. And while she said she felt like she “lost a huge part of what I loved about myself toward the end of the marriage,” she also said she feels “like myself again.” 

It seems like she is still on her quest to find true love. When a follower asked during the Q&A whether she’s dating, Ashley coly replied, “Maybe.” But she said she would probably not get married again.

Ashley said, “My vote is not,” to follower asking if she would consider another trip down the aisle. “I think seasons change. It’s OK. It’s probably an outlandish opinion.

She also noted that she would be happy for J.P. to find love once again. She wrote, “If JP brings someone to me that’s serious, it means it is serious.” He would make me very happy. It’s true. JP being happy means that my children are around someone who is positive, upbeat, and loving. “I am open to it.”