The long story is short, there are hundreds. She explained that there were hundreds in the video she posted on her story. later re-posted online. This is the only thing anyone can do. It’s impossible to stop hate. This is why I’m here. It’s not clear to me.”  

She continued: “The thing I find bothersome is the feeling I have within myself. This feeling, which I don’t believe anyone has ever told me about, this feeling I feel that I just have to shut up and accept it. I must grin and bear this. But I am not like this.” 

Ingram stated, “So I wanted to go on and thank everyone who showed up for me in comments and places that I don’t want to place myself,” And to all the other y’all, you’re weird.

On May 31, Ingram posted another message on her Instagram Story, this time thanking fans who sent her messages of love and support. Ingram wrote: “The love is louder. It flows. We are grateful.