The BoysThey are now back.

The hit Prime Video drama series—starring Jack Quaid, Chace CrawfordKarl Urban, Antony Starr, Karen FukuharaAnd Erin Moriarty—is returning to our small screens on June 3. While we patiently wait, the team decided to collect all information about season 3 so far. 

Back in March, the first teaser for the new season was released with images of Urban’s character Billy the Butcher with glowing eyes, Fukuhara’s character dancing and LotsOf fighting.

Urban gave a tease at the SXSW Festival, April 2015, about what We can Expect from Butcher and his gang this Season. 

Urban asked, “In order defeat the monster do you have to become it?” Urban asked. “And that’s what I like about this season. Every character has to make that decision. What are their limits? Which line will they cross to reach their goals? The conflict creates tension for the cast and makes it fun to see who ends up on which side.