Nicola Coughlan is all about Penelope Featherington finding a partner in Bridgerton,But she isn’t keen to place the horse ahead of the carriage.

CelebHomes News spoke exclusively to the 35-year old actress about season three Bridgerton, sharing that she’s excited for Penelope and Colin Bridgerton (Luke NewtonTo fall in love But going into filming, she thinks “it’s gonna be such an important thing for her to put value in herself.”

“She places Colin on such a high pedestal that she believes he’s perfect,” Nicola reflected. “He’s not. He is just an ordinary human being. So she needs to stop thinking he’s perfect and appreciate herself more.”

She said, “It’s just like the old adage: ‘If your love for yourself isn’t enough, how will you love anyone else?’

It’s especially important to Nicola that this message is conveyed in the Netflix series, as she understands many viewers relate to the shy Penelope: “We’ve all been that girl.”