To see the pines, you don’t have to go far beyond them Eva Mendes“Love for” Ryan Gosling.

On Aug. 18, the actress gave fans a glimpse into her romance with the La La Land star—with whom she shares daughters Esmeralda7 and Amada, 6—when she revealed that she uses a photo of Ryan as wallpaper on her phone.

In an Instagram video Eva made using her cleaning products, a black-and white image of Ryan was displayed on Eva’s phone lock screen. She then wiped the surface with a microfiber towel. It was a steamy picture that showed what the BarbieActor flexes his biceps in dark tee.

Her followers, it was obvious, were amused at the adorable cameo. The lock screen. God bless you and all your loved ones,” one commenter wrote. Another joked that they would be constantly cleaning their phones to view the screensaver “randomly” and not obsessively.

And while Eva admittedly enjoys cleaning her home, she and Ryan do share the household chores. Although she admitted that she is not a meticulous cleaner, she said she loves a tidy house and an organized kitchen. Forbes earlier this year. It’s part and parcel of my mental health.”