These dynamic twosome just rose to the top our For You Page.

Ashley Tisdale TikToker Chris OlsenThey teamed up for an iconic TikTok, using audio from High School Musical 3‘s “I Want it All”—and trust us when we say it’s Amazing.

Video Aug. 17, where the couple lip-sync the track while Chris seems completely unimpressed as Ashley sings the lyrics. This is the High School MusicAn alum added words to the clip that said, “Me trying getting Chris to help me in my TikTok.”

We’re all here to love this video. This collaboration is a huge hit with users.

“ICONS MEETING ICONS MEETING ICONS” Meghan TrainorChris’s longtime friend, a scribe wrote. Another user added, “THE AMOUNT of SEROTONIN THAT GAVE ME.”

This TikTok shows Ashley could totally kill it in an a High School MusicalReboot, Sharpay’s last chapter has been closed by the actress.