Warning: Spoilers in this story will be about the fourth episode of Season Two of Euphoria.

The moment viewers set their eyes on the television to view Euphoria on Sunday, Jan. 30, they probably didn’t expect the episode to conclude with Cal Jacobs coming clean to his family about his double life.

He was more likely to be spotted driving back from the gay bar in his white Jeep and crashing into it. However Eric Dane knew his character would make it out of episode four unscathed, telling CelebHomes News, “I knew I was there for the rest of the season.”

There are six more episodes of season 2 and that could mean a lot for Cal. Yes, he may have bid farewell to Nate (Jacob ElordiAaron (Zak SteinerEric instructed them to take a family picture and clean his pee. Eric explained that Cal wasn’t going anywhere. “He’s only leaving the home.”

He continued, saying that he believed we would have to endure some additional struggle before our healing process could begin. He said some very nasty things about his children.