Read her lips: Chloe CherryIt doesn’t matter what your thoughts are.

The following are some of the highlights. Euphoria actress has received her fair share of positivity and love from the show’s fans, some critics have been, well, mouthing off when it comes to her appearance.

“It’s crazy how many people talk about my lips being so big,” the 24-year-old recently told Variety. “It has been amazing to see the number of headlines I’ve seen, and how many people have commented on my lips.” 

She’s not used to this unwelcome assessment. “It’s nuts because you have to realize that I got those lips at some point in my life and nobody reacted that way—at least not to my face,” Cherry, who plays Faye on the HBO drama, continued. So, I find it strange to see memes about it. These topics of conversation are in my body. And I still don’t understand what all the fuss is. I swear nobody in my life was like, ‘Whoa Chloe those are insane.’ This is the result of being well-known on a larger scale.