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Let us know if you’re having difficulty sticking with a beauty routine. Emmy RossumYour inspiration. She has been very consistent with her regimen for years. In her Vogue The following are the most important things to know about Shameless An alum shared, “I would tell you that I wash my skin and follow a nighttime ritual every night.” My only time I haven’t done it is when I was in labor. That is understandable, for sure.

It AngelyneStar shared how she does her hair and skin. She also revealed the 28 steps of her makeup and which products have been her favorite for at least 15-20 years. Her journey to embrace her natural hair texture was also discussed by star, who said, “What I love most about curly hair, is the confidence it gives me.” I have been straightening my hair for so long. I also keratined hair. Flat iron my hair and then blow dry it. This was to try and make this a new kind of beauty. I love that my natural hair makes me feel unique.

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