Emma Roberts is keeping her private life exactly that—private. 

When asked how her relationship with the man she loves, she answered “Yes.” Garrett Hedlund during an interview for TatlerThe March cover story for, which was published January 28, had been declined by the actress. 

She stated that she is now able to say “I might not have everything right, but I love who I am more than ever,” and added, “I’m in a position where I can honestly say: “I don’t have it all. But I’m happy with myself.” My life has changed significantly in the last two years, more than in the previous 28 years. I am happy where I am now at 30. 

Although, this should come as no surprise to her fans as Roberts made it perfectly clear in a 2019 interview with Cosmopolitan“I don’t want to discuss relationships that I am in, or are ending, or have ended,”

Roberts and Hedlund, 37, first sparked romance rumors in the spring of 2019, shortly after her breakup with Evan Peters. The Scream Queens star and the TRON: Legacy actor welcomed their first child together, a son named RhodesIn December 2020. But recently, a source close to her confirmed to CelebHomes News that Roberts and Hedlund have split. The insider stated that Roberts and Hedlund were still involved in their children’s lives, co-parenting, but they have split.