The center of Bob SagetThe legacy of’s love is unconditional.
Only weeks later, The Full House alum’s shocking death, his 32-year-old daughter Lara SagetIn her father’s memory, she shared a heartfelt message.

Along with a black-and white photo of her loving the actor, she said “To anyone who is afraid of love, unconditional love the greatest of gifts.” He loved my dad with everything that he had. There were so many reasons to fear him falling in love. Many loved ones dropped the body.”

He loved me more than he was scared of, she said. To receive and give this love, I’m beyond thankful. These are the most important lessons that he has taught me.
Bob died in his Orlando hotel room, at the Ritz Carlton, Jan. 9 hours after having performed on a standup comedy show. At 65, he was a young man. At this point, the cause of his death remains unknown.