Emily Ratajkowski‘s blunt hairstyle is gone, girl.

The model redefined the concept of a post-breakup haircut as she debuted a subtle but fresh new look, which comes one month after her split with husband Sebastian Bear McClard.

On Aug. 21, Emily posted a TikTok of herself fearlessly grabbing a pair of scissors and acting as her own hairstylist. While the actress didn’t make any drastic changes to her look, she did decide to add layers and long bangs to her hairstyle.

“We’re going to the beach,” the 31-year-old began her one-minute video, as she brushed her damp strands in a red string bikini, “and I want to give myself an extra layer in my hair.”

After snipping the first big chunk of hair, Emily let out an audible gasp.

Is it crazy? Am I being crazy?” she asked herself, continuing to frame her face with chin-length bangs. “Definitely.”