“Emily at Paris” Cast Decline: Gabriel vs. Alfie

Mon dieu! Mon dieu! Emily in Paris.

Emily after (Lily CollinsGabriel (Lucas BravoWe believed that the two of them would finally be together when they both slept at the end season one. Instead, Emily chose to bury her feelings for Gabriel in order to not further betray her friend Camille (Camille Razat(), who recently split with French chef.

While we initially had mixed feelings about Emily’s decision, we were soon satisfied with the American expat’s single status, as it allowed for the oh-so-charming Alfie (Lucien LaviscountTo be added. British Alfie is a charming, simple, and unaffected character that was just the right thing for Emily this season.

But, Emily was pulled in two different directions as the season ended. One, she tried long-distance dating with Alfie and one, she attempted to connect with Gabriel. Unfortunately, Emily went on to find out that Gabriel and Camille had reconnected, but we digress…

We are left wondering if Alfie or Gabriel is the better match for Emily. And so, we turned to the actors who play Gabriel, Camille and Alfie to decide who is the better match for Emily—and their answers may surprise you.