Jack DorseyIt has been received.

According to the suit between Elon MuskTwitter is set to go on trial in Delaware, Oct. 17. According to CelebHomes News court records, Tesla executives have subpoenaed Twitter’s former CEO.

Musk attempted to cancel the April 44,000 billion deal to purchase Twitter. CelebHomes News previously obtained court documents that claim that Musk claimed that he cited an alleged violation of information-sharing and inaccurate representations of data as reasons to cancel the deal.

Twitter claimed that Musk’s accusations have no merit. It seems instead that Musk was trying to renegotiate the deal because he regretted his purchase.

Musk declared in July that he no longer wanted to buy the social media platform. Musk’s lawyer at the time was not available for comment. Mike RinglerThe letter stated that Twitter refused to disclose information regarding how many bot accounts are using Twitter.