Elliot PageThis may lead to a fall of the fit boys.
The 34-year old was on holiday this weekend Umbrella AcademyThe star shared a 6-pack selfie on Instagram. She cleverly captioned the Nov. 28 Instagram photo, “Oh Good, My New Phone Works!” Elliot has been praised by fans and celebs for his photo, which received more than 1,000,000 likes in less than 24 hours.
13 Reasons to Love ItStar Tommy DorfmanElliot’s self-portrait was reacted by Elliot, who wrote “brooooo” while Awkwafina added, “New phone??” Director Ian DanielAlso, I entered the chat and wrote, “You’re going to break that phone with all your intense heat.”
The first time this happened wouldn’t it? JunoAn actor shared a photo of himself shirtless. He also posted one in May to celebrate his first swimsuit as a man. The actor captioned the picture with “Trans bb” and added the hashtags #transjoy “and #transisbeautiful.”
Elliot announced that she was transgender and made the announcement last December. TIMEMagazine in March, he revealed that he’d had top surgery and that the experience “has completely changed my life.”