Only the truth can set you free. 

Netflix just released the trailer. Coming Out Colton, the highly-anticipated docu-series about former Bachelor star Colton Underwood. For those who need a refresher, the retired professional football player found fame by becoming the star of America’ top dating competition. What Colton didn’t admit to himself or Bachelor Nation at the time? He was gay.

However, the initial look at Coming SoonColton says that the ex-reality TV star was ready to face his truth. This includes atoning himself for any hurts he has caused. Cassie RandolphHe was the one who had filed an order of restraining against him.

“The reason that I am out is because of my shame,” he says. “And I’m kind of embarrassed as to how I got to this place in the first instance.”

Colton, who continues the teaser, confesses that it was a surprise that he will come out.