You’ve seen her on TV, and you still do. And, her character in the family classic, Finding Nemo, will have a sequel surrounding them. Ellen DeGeneres, along with partner Portia de Rossi, finally sold their Hidden Valley ranch for $10.85 million after two major price cuts. I guess noone appreciates a farm estate that puts Old McDonald’s to shame. Portia de Rossi can be seen regularly in the hit comedy TV series, “Arrested Development.” She’s been a long-time cast member. Now, onto what those women were workin’ with!

The Old-McDonald-property-on-steroids weighs in at a whopping 26 acres, complete with 8 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms. The entire floor plan is divided into 8 nicely-sized cottages. Each cottage is Degenerously furnished. Ellen and Portia actually designed and modeled the entire acreage, with alittle bit of help. And a job well done, I must add. Two barns can be found on site, both being diverse with varying touches. One of them is gloriously white and would serve well for a hootenanny! There’s not a pool to be found on the premises. However, there’s a tennis and basketball court.

What this wonderful property has to offer is what makes it a considerably good investment. Here’s a fun fact. Ellen and Portia once took in firefighters who were in need of help. They opened their home up to them for food, shelter, and freshning up. I knew that there was another one. Ellen and Portia’s now former home once served as a bed n’ breakfast. Knowing the size of the property and the lush environment that’s encasing it, one may not be surprised.

Address: Unknown