Like movie stars and professional athletes, authors can live in high n’ mighty places too. The one who brought you “Eat, Pray, Love,” literally did so. Elizabeth Gilbert has listed her writing headquarters in Frenchtown for $999,000. Elizabeth Gilbert also published a novel last year titled “The Signature of All Things.” Although she isn’t the type of author who dishes out a book year after year, her career surely hasn’t ended with the book that turned into a film. Who knows what else Gilbert has planned for us. First things first, The 1869 estate has got to go!

The three story house on Reading Ave stands tall and proud with no signs of aging. Same goes for the floor plan of 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Everything about the 3,000 sq ft is fairly modern, including the attic which is seemingly the best place for an author to retreat to and brainstorm about their next novel. The kitchen is sleek and has a fair amount of navigable space. The dining area is simple and quaint. One great feature is the backside indoor patio, which flows immediately out into an open one. This colonial estate is one to not miss for the price the owner’s asking for.

Address: 3 Reading Ave, Frenchtown NJ 08825