If you like the album, Storms of Life, then you may grow fond of the artist’s/actor’s property in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Country singer and songwriter, Randy Travis, has something that will surely make you remember the Alamo, right on Avenida De Rey. He also has an album that was released last year, titled “Influence Vol. 1: The Man I Am.” A select number of songs are featured in the compilation album, “Forever Country: 15 Original Hits.”As for acting, well……..that might explain why the country star put his 5 bed and 7 bath floor plan up for sale for $14.7 million.

Once you get past the desert terrain (and a large gate), you may feel like you’re a plastic doll in a sand castle……..a tiny doll……..in a massive sand castle. The sand castle house measures 19,339 sq ft. Don’t forget to remove your footwear before stepping inside, because the interior is free from sand, for the most part. This house is very homey and is arguably one of the top most warmest. That’s setting aside the fireplaces. There’s much to be had here: large furnished kitchen, walk-in closet the size of a bedroom, studio, large patio, security system, pool, and of course seclusion and privacy.

Address: 12 Avenida De Rey, Santa Fe NM 87506